New concept brings live widgets to the iPhone home screen on iOS 14

This concept could be a gamechanger for iPhone users.

What you need to know

  • A new concept reimagines widgets on the iPhone.
  • Widgets could live amongst your normal app icons.
  • “Live icons” could provide quick functionality or more information.

It is rumored that Apple may be making changes to the way it integrates widgets on iOS 14, and a designer has come up with a concept as to what that may look like.

UV Designer Parker Ortolani has put together a concept showing off what widgets on the home screen could look like and function on the iPhone.

The concept shows how widgets could live among your normal app icons and either give you immediate functionality like taking a photo or display live information like the weather, something similar to what Microsoft has done with live tiles on Windows Phone.

He also posted a video in which he shows off how you could switch back and forth from a normal app icon to a “live icon”.

While we still are not sure what exactly Apple will do with widgets in iOS 14, if anything, it would be very useful for the company to integrate them directly into the home screen. For those with iPadOS, it is easy to access widgets as the can now live on the home screen. However, iPhone users would benefit greatly from a concept like this.

Source: iMore