All the Arcade Archives titles available on Nintendo Switch

Here are all the Arcade Archives available on the Nintendo Switch.

One of the things that makes the Nintendo Switch more and more appealing as time goes on is the consistently growing catalog of Arcade Archives titles. Just as the name might suggest, the Arcade Archives games make classic titles available to Switch users. If you want to take a trip down a video game memory lane, this is a great way to do it without breaking the bank. Thus far all titles released have cost a paltry eight dollars to buy. That’s less than they originally cost when they were released and for some of these titles, far less than you would pay on eBay to get an original copy.

If you’re looking to see if some of your favorite titles are in the Arcade Archives, here is a list of all currently available titles.

Arcade Archives

NEOGEO Arcade Archives

The catalog of Arcade Archives on the Nintendo Switch is growing all the time and shows no signs of stopping. These titles are a great way to have a little fun in between playing epic blockbuster titles and I can’t wait to see what classic games get released next.

What do you want to see?

Are there some retro titles that you want to see added to the Arcade Archives? Let us know!

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